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Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica

In 1959, the Caribbean Conservation Corporation CCC (now Sea Turtle Conservancy) was founded to study and protect the Caribbean Green Turtles. Mr. Archie Carr, its leader and founding scientific director, a tropical field ecologist and biologist who at the time of his death was known as the world’s leading authority in sea turtles.

Working closely with the Costa Rican government, they helped establish, on October 28th 1975, what is now the Tortuguero National park, as a resource of protection, not only of the turtles but of the wildlife and its biodiversity. This is especially relevant if we consider that Tortuguero is the most important site in the Western Caribbean for the nesting of this endangered species and is also one of Costa Rica’s most biologically diverse wildlife areas.

The Park is located in the North Caribbean Costa Rican coast, 80 kms north of the city of Limon. It features an extension of 26,156 ha inland and approximately 50,160 marine hectares.

Tortuguero is a very wet tropical forest, with an approximate annual average rainfall of 4,500 to 6,000 mm, reason of its evergreen and verdant landscapes and an average annual temperature of 26°C (78.8°F).

Tortuguero is a network of navigable lakes, rivers and canals (both natural and man-made) that are used for transportation inland and also are a great opportunity to enjoy the local wildlife of more than 300 species of birds, amphibian and freshwater fish species, approximately 400 tree species some of which are the base of famous perfumes and colognes like the Ilan-Ilan Zota Caballo and others tlike the Pachira), that provides beautiful flower and scent, around 2,200 species of other plants and many animals including 3 species of monkeys (White-faced Capuchin, spider and Howler), two and three-toed sloths, American crocodiles and caimans, among many others and as well providing shelter to endangered animals such as manatees, tapirs and jaguars, to name a few.

Fauna is so diverse in Tortuguero, with more than 350 identified bird species, mammals, amphibian, reptiles and freshwater fish species residing in Tortuguero plus the famous nesting of different turtle species (leatherback, green turtle, loggerhead and hawksbill) being the Green Turtle the only species for which there are organized tours to see.

Some interesting examples you might see on your visit include: three monkey species (Howler, white faced Capuchin and Spider), two and three toed sloth, anighas, egrets, herons, scarlet and green macaws, toucans, American Crocodiles, caimans, Basiliks and lizards, among many others.

Flora in Tortuguero is lush, verdant, abundant and evergreen. The area is home to approximately 400 tree species and around 2,200 of plants, with vegetation that varies from coastal vegetation to wet forestlands. The wetlands are important ecosystems that have an important role in the regulation of the river flow and are spawning zones for some fish species, while providing a habitat for plants, insects and birds.

The trees found in Tortuguero delight us with delicious scents and fragances, beautiful views, some with colorful flowers and are home to the varied wildlife of the area. Some interesting species you’ll find include the Pachira, the Ilan-Ilan (the flower is used as a main ingredient in several famous perfumes and colognes like Anais-Anais by Cacharel), sota caballo, the oil tree is very common in Tortuguero and so are many species of trees that form large buttressed root systems.



Mawamba Lodge has a unique and privileged location in the exquisitely evergreen Tortuguero Canals and National Park. Nestled on fine strip of land, between the Caribbean Ocean and the Tortuguero Canals, it blends in with the surrounding natural richness to welcome you in this tropical sanctuary.

Remember! Traveling to Tortuguero is a whole adventure by itself, there are no roads to get here and, thus, from start to end, adventure is our everyday component. 

Mawamba’s experience is laid-back, Caribbean style, and it can get as adventurous as you want. From the soft, quiet boat outings to discover the jungle to the adrenaline filled kayak tours and evening exploration tours. It is fit for the traveler of all ages, where children will understand and learn to cherish the beauty of our natural resources, where couples who enjoy nature will romance discovering unique experiences and where families can experience a fantastic tropical time. 


Your stay at Mawamba is complemented with unique services:



50 Standard rooms

Built in fine woods, and surrounded by views of the tropical gardens. All rooms are non smoking and built to experience the sounds of the Rainforest (there is no TV, radio, or air conditioning in your room). Learn more

6 Superior rooms

Comfortable rooms, with a pleasant location in an area of little traffic and overlooking the channels. All rooms are non-smoking. Learn more



Mawamba offers two restaurants, “Mamba” restaurant located by the pool and close to the beach, offers buffet style meals included in your package and served under meal schedules. Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., lunch from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and dinner from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Katonga floating restaurant offers lunches and dinners on board, while quietly cruising along the Tortuguero Canals (extra cost and by reservation only).

Bar and Lounge

Located close to the pool area, and next to the open air Red Eyed Tree Frog project. Mawamba’s Bar Chelonia, offers tropical cocktails, soft and hard drinks as well as smoothies and coffee. Free wi-fi available in the area.

Coffee Room 

Located next to reception, the cafeteria is an area to relax, enjoy your preferred book or one from our take one, leave one library. Free wi-fi available in the area.

Gift Shop

Here you’ll find souvenirs, t-shirts, and a number of personal hygiene products. Gift shop is open from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Swimming pool and whirlpool area: Surrounded by the restaurant, bar and lounge the swimming pool area is a delicious way to relax and freshen up after a day of adventures in the jungle. 

Pool & Whirlpool

Surrounded by green, lush and tropical gardens, the pool area is the ideal place to refresh after a day of outings exploring the Jungle. Next to the pool is the bar area and lounge, the restaurant and our open air Red Eyed Tree frog project.

Mawamba Beach

Mawamba Lodge is a beachfront property, but please note that it is not suitable for swimming, because of currents and tides. No swimming is allowed on the beach.  At reception, you will find hammocks for beach use. From the beach you can walk to town, located at a mile distance from Mawamba Lodge. 


Due to its location, at Mawamba we offer you a  complete vacation package from San Jose (for more information please read location). A vacation to Mawamba Lodge is a hassle free one, where we take care of all the logistics of the trip. Packages include for transportation (land and boat), meals, lodging, and selected tours with a naturalist bilingual guide. 

Mawamba Park

Located at the back end of the property, Mawamba Park was created to offer visitors the opportunity to see those creatures that are harder to find out in the wild due to their size. These private trails feature two butterfly gardens and a frog garden. All guests at Mawamba Lodge have unlimited access for a self guided walk, and a guided visit is included in our 3 day & 2 night package .

Rustic Atmosphere

Our Lodge is surrounded by delightful tropical scenery, ornamental plants, the sounds of the waves of the Caribbean Ocean, evergreen plants and lush forest. Our rooms don’t have TV, radios nor air conditioning, so we can let you experience the sounds of the Rainforest. 

Sustainability & Biodigestor

Conscious of the need to protect our natural resources we care to conduct low impact operations to the fragile surrounding eco system, provide support to the community where we are and use our “best practices” in the daily operations, part of which is our bio digester that is used to treat sewage waters and return methane gas to heat up our stoves. Nowadays, approximately 30% of the gas that we use comes from our source, the bio-digester.


The tour package you choose includes for selected tour, but besides these, Mawamba offers unique experiences to complement and enhance your Tortuguero experience. Choose from kayaking tours, early morning boat tours, night tours, meals on board Katonga floating restaurant and more. Learn more

Conference Room

Our conference room has a maximum capacity of 55 people and is a floating platform over the Tortuguero river. 


For a more comfortable stay please make sure to read our recommendations.