Mawamba Lodge,Tortuguero, Costa Rica

 Geographic coordinates: 10.545829, -83.504419


Tortuguero is unique, remote and off the beaten track town in the North Caribbean Coast of the country. Its location, reminds of the Amazon, and its community is an example on how to live surrounded by water, nature and exuberant vegetation. There are no roads to bring you all the way to Tortuguero. To get here you can take our daily departure package or fly in with one of the two domestic airlines servicing Tortuguero daily.


Its small community of 1300 inhabitants is surrounded by the Tortuguero National Park, where Mawamba Lodge is located 1 km northwest from town, on a fine strip of land in between the Canals and the Caribbean Ocean, offering you, direct access to both.  Walking distance between Lodge and town is 10-15 minutes.



Getting here

Traveling from San Jose


Daily departure packages

Our daily departure packages depart early from the capital city (between 6 and 7 am depending on your pick up location).  You must be in the city the day before departure and we cant pick you up at the airport.  We pick up from the hotels in the airport area, downtown, Paseo Colon, and some of the hotels in Escazu and Santa Areas. In case your hotel is not in our list, we will arrange for a nearby pick up, please consult.

Our bus and expert guide, will meet you at the hotel, for departure via Braulio Carrillo National Park, while you enjoy beautiful views and leave the city behind. Arrive at Rio Danta Restaurant for breakfast and continue later on to the pier in La Pavona, passing by banana plantations and the town of Cariari.

We will board the boat to Tortuguero, and after an approximate ride of 1 hour (depending on water levels) arrive at Mawamba Lodge for lunch. 

By car:

In case you have your own car and wish to drive yourself, we recommend you leave your car at Rio Danta Restaurant in Guapiles and continue from here in our bus. Rio Danta is a private facility that offers conditions to leave your car safely parked. Moreover, we do recommend the daily departure packages as the easiest way of transportation into Tortuguero. Meet us at Rio Danta at 8:00 am for breakfast. We are frequently asked if its possible to leave cars La Pavona. It is possible but we rather have you leave the car at Rio Danta. It is easy to get lost on the road to La Pavona, and there is always the possibility that we change pier of operation in case weather demands it. If that’s the case, car will be left stranded in La Pavona without being able to access it.

By Plane

Book your travel with one of the domestic airlines (Sansa or Aerobell) and let us know your flight number and arrival time. We will gladly pick you up at the airstrip and bring you to Mawamba Lodge.

Traveling from Arenal, SarapiquÍ or South Caribbean

If you are traveling from one of these areas and wish to connect with a trip to Tortuguero, meet us at Río Danta Restaurant (Owned by Grupo Mawamba) in Guápiles, at 8 am. (This means departing Arenal or the South Caribbean around 5:00 – 5:30 am).  Río Danta geographic coordinates: –83.49.8090E,  10.12.413N

Once at Río Danta, you will continue your trip into Tortuguero with our land and boat transportation.

If you have questions on how to get from these places to Río Danta we can assist you. Chat with us or contact our sales department.

Conversely, if heading to any of these areas after Tortuguero, Rio Danta in Guápiles is also your meeting point. If you have questions on how to get from Río Danta to these places, we can assist you. Chat with us or contact our sales department.