Environmental policies

From the beginning stages of the design process of the infrastructure of the lodge, we tried to create a design that does not require overuse of land, this in order not to invade or damage the primary forest ecosystems and the life that inhabits therein. Because their owners have always shown great respect and concern for the environment.


Certification for touristic sustainability

Grupo Mawamba has decided to opt for the certification for sustainable tourism, as we have always operated with different environmental practices of great importance.

Our commitment is to work together to clearly reach our objective and or reduce any negative impact that could be caused the natural resources, the local culture o society. The lodge is committed to use the natural resources adequately for mutual benefit for the company and local community.

That is why we implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS), (Sistema de Gestión Ambiental / SGA) in Spanish, which set as its main objective to convert the concept of sustainability into practical and necessary in the context of the tourism competitiveness of the country, with a view to improving the way we think that natural and social resources are used, the idea is encourage the active participation of local communities and provide new support for the competitiveness of the business sector.

It is considered a must educate the tourist environmental impacts, so in the informative guide for the host, invite the customer to join this program through the following actions:

  • Turn off the light when leaving the room or take advantage of natural light
  • Use the heating only when necessary
  • Re-use towels
  • Being involved in sustainable programs that the lodge offers
  • Recycle solid waste
  • Visit national parks or nature reserves near the region
  • Do not feed the animals
  • Do not remove plants
  • Maintain silence in nature reserves to not scare the animals
  • In consideration for non-smokers, you are asked to respect the non-smoking areas.

The three main pillars to achieve sustainability 

Mawamba Lodge is aware of the fact that it produces an impact on the environment and society, as a pressing need, the management implements within its priorities, Environmental Management System (EMS); oriented in the reduction and mitigation of all environmental and social impacts that the company may produce as a result of their activities.

The administration makes public our commitment to this environmental policy, which becomes the starting point to guide all actions of the organization and likewise to define its goals and objectives towards the attainment of good practices concerning sustainability of the environment, the economy and society.

Mawamba Lodge assumes the following commitments and ensures conduct and monitoring and constant updating of the same, this in order to achieve continuous improvement of company performance with the environment.

  • Natural resources: are used in a sustainable manner, promoting its conservation and rational use; the way that most actions comply with applicable environmental legislation.
  • Economical activities: will be viable in the long term and its benefits will be distributed to all involved in an equitable manner.
  • Social-Cultural authenticity: activities, products and services produced by the lodge will be oriented to disseminate and preserve the countries cultural diversity.