Grupo Mawamba’s “Every Drop Counts” Program

At Grupo Mawamba, we feel proud of being part of initiatives and projects that are intended to reduce the indiscriminate use of plastic. This material, although useful, takes more than a 100 years to degrade. In our forests, oceans and rivers, we have witnessed how animals choke with plastic bags and how fish confuse them with food. For this reason, we are working on programs and projects that allow us to reduce its use, and at the same time cause a positive impact in the community where our Lodges are located.

“Every drop counts” program

This program wants to create conscience among our guests, so that instead of buying disposable water bottles, they acquire a reusable glass one at a fair price. At the Lodge, whoever buys one of these bottles, will receive free fresh water refills in our Restaurant, and at the same time, avoid the use of plastic. Besides, glass, may be recycled infinite times and has a long useful life, is more hygienic and clean (wash after wash) than plastic.

The bottle has a nice design with its bottle protector that makes it a wonderful souvenir to take home. Every bottle sold, supports the platform H20, created by the Costa Rican architect Francesco Bracci, who is creating opportunities and developments that deal with hydric resource and implementation of strategies towards the protection of this resource.

Since 2016, Grupo Mawamba has been able to:

  • Reduce in more than 18 kg its carbon emissions
  • Reduce more than 50kg in waste

Elimination of plastic straws and removers:

In our properties, we have eliminated the use of plastic straws and removers. When necessary, we use bamboo ones instead. Bamboo is a natural material, respectful of the atmosphere. Besides it is a 100% compostable.

These and other measures allow us to reduce the use of plastic in our operations. Lets say no to indiscriminate plastic use!